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If you don't know how, we can teach. If the "how" is broken, we can fix it. If it's not, let's make it better.

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Document Management

Expert Guidance

Set up;

Naming and numbering conventions; day-to-day operational support; organization/re-organization; folder structure design; metadata tag development; system review and recommendations

Sourcing and Evaluation of Vendors

A Comprehensive Approach

Gathering requirements details through research and review of current systems and users to identify the true needs and wants of the organization. Taking that information and using objective tools, source and assist you in selecting the best fit solution for your organization.

Business Case Development

The Path to Success

Identifying costs and benefits to implementation of eSystems for your organization; interviewing key personnel; identifying strengths and weaknesses and putting it all together in an easy to digest and deliver report or presentation

Writing and Workflow

Worker Bee

Process mapping to identify areas where efficiency can be realized, then turning that efficiency into repeatable procedures; standardization of documents in content and appearance; style guide development

Rates are available on request and are based on the scope and type of work being performed. For any engagement, detailed records are kept that can be customized to capture a breakdown in activity that suits your needs. Billing is in 15 minute increments and only for time spent on your project, not downtime. 

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About Me

Early in my career, I had the immense good fortune to spend time working in a large public hospital which set the stage for a lifelong appreciation for the work that goes into delivering quality healthcare to people who rely on and trust that the treatment they are receiving is safe. I transitioned from the front line of healthcare to administration and then to private industry, joining an inspired group of people at the beginning of the long journey to market approval for a blockbuster new drug. By then, it was  the early 90's, and a boom of sorts was happening in the bio-tech industry, creating a wealth of opportunity. As a document manager I felt the responsibility that came with being the caretaker of all that intellectual property. I could see the need and value in creating systems that had integrity, reliability and structure to support the knowledge being captured as products were being developed. I was hooked. There is nothing more satisfying that watching a system come to life and hum.

It turned out that Document Management was just the beginning. In the early 2000's I broke away from Pharmaceutical, looking to broaden my experience to include other industries. I spent time working in production management in the animated film industry and as both a production and project manager in oil and gas, at the same time expanding my education to include project management, specializing in business process optimization. 

Later, while starting up as a consultant in medical device, and subcontracting for another consultant serving legal and HR firms, I saw how all of these skills acquired in managing teams, documents, processes, production and projects were needed and transferrable across industry. It has more recently brought me back to Document Management, but now I have a bigger toolbox. 

Fluid processes that meet compliance requirements and capitalize on opportunities for improved efficiency is where choosing to invest in your document infrastructure pays off. An effective, reliable documentation system means less rework, revision and time spent teasing out the history of what, when and why something happened. In other words, it will help you realize success, faster. After all, your documents are your business. They are your greatest asset.

I’m a Document Manager and Project Manager who is passionate about helping companies achieve their goals. I lead projects from initial briefing to launch day and beyond, with direct responsibility for day-to-day management of process and workflow. I’ve overseen small to medium sized projects in multiple industries and I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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